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Principles for potential leaders
Costa Deir

Principles 51-100

Proverbial concepts keep the mind awake to receive the truth. They are compacted capsules for personal study. Each statement is brief, concise and due to its brevity it is easily understandable, which prevents monotony in the learning process. It impacts with rich variety, sometimes on the emotions, other times on the intellect. But, above all, it moves the will in new directions towards greater Christian progress. It leads the personality by force of its illumination into brighter, healthier paths of life. These concepts of truth modify ways of thinking, choosing and acting, always aiming for excellence, always moving towards higher and higher levels of maturity in Christ.




The University of the Holy Spirit is open to applicants at all times. Every Christian should be in training, both in a general way, to discover his calling and hidden potential, and more specifically, to develop his potential to the fullest. A potential leader is a person who has latent talents still dormant and who awaits training in order to develop them to full fruition. Preparing today in a leader's life gives him the ability to demonstrate tomorrow. Potential leaders are the most valuable in the Kingdom of God. They are future prospects with excellent quality and caliber to assume tremendous responsibility in the leadership role. His on-the-go training in the discipline of character, administration, and ministry ensures the health, vitality, and effectiveness of the church in its worldwide mission. Inside, the reader will find a wealth of condensed and edifying material to enrich his life for greater productivity in ministry. May God help us develop all the potential that is in us to its fullest extent to be most effective in the Kingdom of God.

Principle number


51. Every wise leader assumes full responsibility for

build your own character and help others do

the same. Song of Songs chapter. 1: verse 6,

 1st. Corinthians chapter 3: verses 9 to 15.


52. The test of a leader's character is revealed not in

the exceptional moments. When it is in the

height of success, but in the ordinary tasks that

runs on a daily basis.

Ecclesiastes chapter. 9: verse 10a;

Philippians chapters. 2: verses 12 to 14.



53. The leader who has developed nobility of character

motivates rather than manipulates. 1st Samuel chapter 17.


54. Unless a presumed leader learns how

continue with humility of heart, there is no hope

so that he becomes a leader to be followed.

Matthew chapter 4: verse 19 and 20.


55. Poor leaders are those who were

poor followers. II Timothy chapter 4: verse 10;

2°Samuel chapter 13: verse 15.



56. The alleged leaders who refuse to touch the second

violin, for its imaginary greatness, perhaps never

get to play first, because the best leaders

They make the best followers.

Romans chapter 12: verse 3; he

example of Joshua, Exodus chapter 17: verse 10;

Deuteronomy chapter 3: verse 21; the example

of Elisha, 2nd Kings chapter 2.


57. Failure to lead, as well as refusal to follow,

disqualifies a person from the position of

leadership. It should, at least, be

honest enough to get out of the way,

instead of hindering the purposes of God and

1st Samuel chapter 15: verse 23


58. The greatest sign to look for in the future

leader before training him is that he has tenderness,

brokenness and contrition. If none of these

meet, wait until God takes him to

through its fiery furnace, otherwise you will be

wasting your time batting a will

stubborn and a proud spirit. Psalms chapter 34: verse 18

 and chapter 51: verse17; Isaiah chapter 57:

 verse 15 and chapter 66: verse 2 and

Luke chapter 7 verse 36 to 50.


59. When God can accomplish the breaking of

a man, will succeed in making him a great leader,

not necessarily in itself, but great in

obedience to his daily commands. Proverbs

chapter 3: verse 5 and 6; chapter 4: verse 23; David in

Psalms 51:1-17 and Paul in Acts chapter 9: verses 1 to 9.


60. A broken leader enjoys transformation

continuous internal, when encountering God in

freshness every day. Isaiah chapter 57: verse 15.


61. The leader who wishes to guide others must give

preference to others. Romans chapter 12:10 and

Philippians chapter 2 verse 3.


62. The leader who thinks that God chose him because he is

large, you are automatically disqualified.

Proverbs chapter. 6: verse 16 and chapter

16: verse 18.


63. Some leaders have such a high opinion of themselves

themselves, who disqualify themselves from the role of leadership

useful. Psalms chapter 118: verse 8; Romans chapter 12:

verse 3 and Galatians chapter 6: verse 3.


64. An irrational leader automatically disqualifies himself

like a leader. 1st Kings chapter 12: verses 6 to 8.


65. A leader who makes gestures and is unable to accept

a difference of opinion is disqualified from the

leadership. 1st. from Corinthians chapter 11: verse 18 to 19.


66. A serene leader, because of the strength of his

relationship with God, never loses his calm, without doing

case of the turbulence through which it is

passing through Matthew 14:24 and John chapter 16: verse 33.


67. The pressures of adversity and all kinds of

Added responsibilities come to leaders

whose search is to achieve greater goals. Only the

assured, the stable and constant can

pass through them without breaking. Psalms chapter 27: verse 3 and

 2nd. of Timothy chapter 2: verse 3 and 4 and the

chapter 4: verse 5.


68. When a suspected leader moves outside the

crowd towards the stage lights, everyone

They are ready to criticize and judge him, but for their

character, intent and fulfillment, demonstrates whether

whether or not he or she has what it takes to guide.

Matthew chapter 7: verse 15 to 20.


69. The insecurity of a leader, plus personal doubt and

embedded fears hinder him from being a

leadership candidate. 2nd Timothy chapter 1: verse 7 and  

1st Timothy chapter 1: verse 6 to 8.


70. The search for alleged leaders continues

highly disciplined who demonstrate to be

great builders of success.

Deuteronomy chapter 11: verse 32b.


71. Only the leader who lives a crucified life on

on a daily basis, just as Paul stated “every

day I die”, becomes more effective in its mission in

life. 1st Corinthians chapter 15: verse 31.


72. The leader whose supreme purpose is to fulfill the

will of his Master and to whom the cross is a

reality in your daily life, you will not find a challenge

too big, no place too difficult,

no task too tiring and no field

too hard. 1st. from Corinthians chapter 4: verse 9 to 16.


73. The most outstanding leader is one who is motivated

did the action without external stimulation.

Psalms chapter 40: verse 8 and  

Philippians chapter 3: verse 13 to 14.


74. No one will ever become a leader as long as they wait

Let others motivate you to action. Psalms chapter 87: verse 7b.


75. Diligence applied to preparation usually

pays the highest dividends. II Timothy chapter 2: verse 15.


76. The leader who settles for what is normal without

ambition to move diligently towards

excellence, is not armed to be followed.

Matthew chapter 5: verse 48 and Philippians chapter 3: verse 7 to 15.


77. Some leaders are directly called from

God and are taught and disciplined by HIM in

order to move them into leadership positions

responsible. Exodus chapter 3: verse 1 to 17;

1st Samuel chapter 3; Jeremiah chapter. 1: verse 4 to 10 and

Luke chapter 1: verse 13 to 17 and 76 to 80.


78. A stable leader takes the place that God has given him

assigned. From his relationship with God, he

the most gracious way, minister with

trust and authority among those whom God

has been granted to serve. Acts chapter 27:

verse 21 to 26.


79. A leader who usurps the authority of those around him

upon him, plays into the hands of Satan.

Ephesians chapter 4: verse 27;

1st. From Peter chapter 5: verse 3


80. Some leaders are well off economically, financially and

administratively but not spiritually. The

such can lead men in the world,

but not in the church. Luke chapter 4: verse 4.


81. Whatever a leader is called to do

endure, he is divinely enabled by the

anointing you receive by waiting daily in the

Sir, to charge your battery freshly.

Isaiah chapter 61: verse 1; Zechariah chapter 4: verse 6;

Luke chapter 4: verse 16 to 19.


82. Many times a leader finds his

overwhelming responsibility, but he continues

maintaining your spiritual brilliance as you come to the Lord,

knowing that He who called him continues

enabling it in divine form. He has learned to

draw from the strength of the Lord.

 2nd. from Corinthians chapter 4: verse 6 to 12.


83. Leaders who embrace the operations of the cross

On a daily basis, you will enjoy the victory of your

resurrection and will be endowed with such anointing

freshness from the Throne, that they surpass their

companions. Acts chapter 8: verse 16 verse 18;

Galatians chapter 6: verse 14.


84. The leader who enjoys a daily provision of

Spirit of the Lord, reveals in the fresh anointing that

encourages and enables you to fulfill the Word of God

For the day. Acts chapter 4: verse 13 to 31.


85. When a leader pays attention to God about a

daily basis, you will be refreshed with the revelation of the

mind and purpose of God and endowed with anointing

fresh will be able to refresh others where

want me to go. Psalms chapter 1: verse 1 to 3

and chapter 84: verse 1 to 7.


86. A leader who is devoid of the anointing of the

Holy Spirit, who strives to do something to

God for his own abilities, talents, gifts and

intellectual brilliance, is an abomination to God.

John chapter 15: verse 5; Luke chapter 4: verse 18;

Acts chapter 12: verse 1 to 3.


87. Today's preparation in the life of a leader gives him

the ability to demonstrate in the future.

Genesis chapter 37-50; Exodus chapter 2: verse 11;

Matthew chapter 4: verse 18 to 20;

Acts chapter 9: verse 6 and 9;

Hebrews chapter 5: verse 7 to 8.


88. When a presumed leader harbors ambitions of

leadership before being properly prepared,

is courting disastrous failures before the

marriage. The right preparation coupled

with rich experiences, is the key to a

successful administration. 1a. Timothy 3:10.


89. Preparation is an extremely trigger

important to every action in life, leaders without

preparation are professional failures.

Luke chapter 14:27-33.


90. Failure in any operation is always attributed

to inadequate leadership preparation.

2nd Peter chapter 1:5-10.


91. The leader who has little time for preparation and

less for meditation, it will be lacking in the

fulfillment of his ministry and in the long run

you will end up in a state of frustration and

degradation. Psalms chapter 1: verse 2;

chapter 119: verse 97, 127 and 162.


92. A leader whose talent proves to be raw will have a

difficult time to develop talents and

skills of your people towards productivity

full. Acts chapter 18: verse 24 to 26.


93. A leader who lacks everything has nothing to

contribute to others. Proverbs chapter 25: verse 14.


94. Continuous preparation in the life of a leader

guarantees continued success. Joshua chapter 1: verse 8.


95. An ambitious leader lives a life of preparation

continues from one stage to another with his eyes on the

final goal, knowing that its effectiveness in each

stage and phase of life is depending on the

measure of your preparation. Philippians chapter 3:

verse 12 to 14.


96. It is absolutely important that a leader in all

ways to use your full potential and give yourself

completely. Acts chapter 12: verse 1 and 2.



97. A leader must necessarily stay in shape

spiritual through daily maintenance of your

walk with God, saturating your mind with

richness of revelations of the Word of God,

while he is locked up with God in the place

secret, enveloped by his sweet Presence. Psalms chapter 27: verse 4;

chapter 16: verse 11; chapter 91: verse 1;

Colossians chapter 1: verse 16.


98. The University of the Holy Spirit is open for

applicants at all times. John 14:26;

chapter 16: verse 7; chapter 13-15.


99. He is not a leader who has high degrees of

prestigious institutions, nor the one who is successful in

the Kingdom of God, but that which is daily

taught in the Word of God in the school of

Holy Spirit. 1st. from Colossians chapter 1:

 verse 17 to 31; John chapter 14: verse 26.


100. At the University of the Holy Spirit the only

leaders who graduate are those who are

broken in spirit, who have matured and

become tender and contrite, who easily

They respond to their guides and are willing to

submit to his treatment and find delight in

obey his commandments. Such become

most reliable and greatly

recommendable. Psalms chapter 51: verse 17.

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