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I think it is important that those who are Christians, believe in God and have being blessed by Him share it.  So that the world knows that our God is a living being,  and is not an idea or made up out of  the need of the people who is looking for. That is the reason I write here what God has done in my life and I hope that if anyone is going through a moment of doubt,  they can read this and find the answer that their heart is looking for. God is one step away, as far away as the time in which we have to call him.

Dios mi Sanador

My life changed early in my youth, I had that first love that new Christians have and I longe for a way to give God more of my time so I started getting up early, very early.

My goal was to find Christ, I wished to see Him. I thought, maybe ne day when He rode through heaven, He may stop at my place and sit with me. . In the morning I played the flute, after school I  play the piano and at night I prayed to the Lord at home.

My prayer began to be systematic, I looked for God to pray for and I prayed for what I felt. OnceI felt very seek at school ,and when I returned home I was with high fever and my head hurt a lot, so I went to bed.


When I lay down and closed my eyes I heard a song from many people, when I looked I saw like a chorus of people, all in white dress, one on the top of another one, on a staircase but in the opposite way to the chorus of what is customary in the world. The shape was triangular, I was standing at the base of the triangle  and the walls were made up of two rows of people that closed far above my head.

The 2 walls of singers were very long and high  In the middle between the singers a corridor was formed as if made of gold, the light was over the entire vision and the heavens could not be seen, the triangule was so big, it was like an open space. I looked at the end of the choir and saw two feet from the knees down of someone who was sitting, but it was so big that it was not possible to see, The feet and the throne cover the space and farther up was cover with a cloud. 
The choir was singing about the Glories of Calvary. The sacrifices of Calvary were sung one by one where the first verse spoke of a sacrifice and the stanza spoke of that sacrifice,  thus, each of the sacrifices I recognized from those shown in Isaiah 53.


After each stanza there was a chorus that was repeated. The singers sang to Him who was sitting and at the same time I felt that they were telling me about His sacrifice. When I woke up the fever was gone and I realized that God had healed me. I ran to write the song and try to play it but I couldn't remember anything.


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