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Studies and songs of praise

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Church: Victorious Remnant

​Series:  Worship. 

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Inspired Songs  

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Minister of Worship Independient

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Hjalti Gunnlaugsson

Worship Lider

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Hjalti Gunnlaugsson has been involved in the worship ministry for many years. His songs introduced me to the Icelandic worship community upon my arrival.

He lives in Iceland and has worked with the Church of Vegurinn (The Way), the Pentecostal Church, and, in his later years, is leading the Salvation Army worship group.

He has been composing music since he was 12 and has around 50 songs published.  He also has a musical group that supports churches in different praise events.

Church: JesusChrist is Lord

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Worship Ministry

Job Navarrete

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This blog aims to make you meditate on what God wants for your life and what he has left in the word of God for you.

Why was In Jesús name chose?

After specific problems and situations in my life, I kept thinking about the people who have not heard from God and do not know what God wants for their lives; I wanted to share the word of God through this medium.


One of the most challenging things was to give it a name, so I started reading the word of God. I found in Colossians that it says that whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it in the name of Jesus.

Church: The Main Angle Stone

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Marco Antonio Ramirez

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El hermano Marco Antonio tuvo un gran participación en la alabanza de la Iglesia durante los primeros tiempos de mi crecimiento en el conocimiento de la alabanza.


No es posible poner todo el fruto de Dios en su vida en una página pero quize darle un espacio en este lugar por lo significante que sus cantos fueron durante mi crecimiento espiritual.  Cantos

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