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My beloved is mine

Because our God is One and He is triune,

His name is Jehovah, the Verb and the Holy Spirit.

He, the only creator of the heavens and the earth

An irrefutable truth about all human philosophy.


Your way Lord over many waters is

 and your hidden path in the depths of the sea.

unknown to man are your footprints

but happy to reveal you to the humble heart.


Where will we find our Father and talk to him? Where will we hear his voice answer us? How will I know his face or recognize the tone of his voice? If the sound of His Holy Spirit would not find me in my despair again? How will I find your silhouette again, If you come at your pleasure and not at mine? When will I hear from my beloved: Get up, I'll soon come to pick you up away?... If I look up, there you are, behind and in front, you surround me, Well, there is no one who can hide from you. Still, if you walk in front of me I wouldn't see you God, don't let go of my hand, no! Oh! May I rest my head in Your left hand and with Your right will embrace me!

The memory of You

The memory of You accompanies me

and consumes me like a burning hand

with fire that doesn't let me forget that

You are with me...
Even though I am surrounded by people.

​My mind goes to your visit, your presence,
the memory of your love and benevolence...
Still captivated by the strength of your presence 
stopping the enemy arrows from interrupting us.

There were no arrows that attacked  my mind
Just You and Your Presence, You and Your Love, You and Your Kindness.
now I just don't know; could not be that you´re 
here again Christ and 
my memory has just opened a door

to a new reality with You?

Landscape Photography

What do I hear?


Spiritual songs, spiritual languages

Letters incomprehensible to the human mind

They spring from my spirit to my soul and to all my being.

And with a voice of command to fill the earthly atmosphere I send.

Because they have to surround you and you are in everything,


Arise, earth, and sing! The sea, and all that dwells in it,

The fields and all their flowers, birds and oxen,


Praise the Lord for he is good,

Because His mercy endures forever,

Praise the Verb because he has conquered and

preparing his bride who awaits his return

Praise the Spirit who patiently comforts his people who watch over him.


Wake up Popocatépetl and you in the north Vatnajökull, Your lava raise in praise to the creator of the universe, For He spoke and you were made And your time is in His will. Because although the earth moves and the heavens tremble His mercy remains forever. Sing angels, and you all  armies of heaven, All of you spirits on earth created, For his glory has spread over the heavens And all over the world  is heard his praise. Could it be the beloved who sings to him? Can you bring it to your inn? Will the Almighty look down And in his goodness will reveals himself to her? Because her knees are ready to bend, Waiting and watching for her loved one, And the room is empty, and the chairs are set, Everything ready, everything still, Alone waiting for His glory. Because He is the only Creator and He is triune, Before him every being will kneel. Sing to God, because only He is worthy of thy song, songs with authority so His will send to fight, Call his people, sing His glory, and you Nature, raise your praises all to Him.


The sea

Because I looked at the waters, and I thought of its Creator,

You set its limits and they will not go beyond them,

So there was the size of your feet,

the clear footprints in the depth of the sea.


The sea became rough and in your power, I thought,

The sea became rough and I thought about your ways,

how far from Seltjarnarnes are you? 

And how far from the north am I?


I looked into the distance and the north found me, Is it true that your temple is there?  If I raise my hands, can I touch you? Is there a ladder for me to climb? Where is my ladder, my Jesus Chris Who shed his blood for me to reconcile with my father dear? Great above all heavens is Jehovah, My words can´t captivate your beauty your kindness Come! Holy Spirit, lead the orchestra! Let this melody reach all the way up to my beloved´s chamber Let it be a perfume of incense, Make his heart go to a joyful pace. He, only He is Holy, And his goodness for all eternity.



You God picked me up from the ashes and shook the dust out of me

I was Paid at the price of gold, me being not value.

Thrown away and lost, forgotten like a sin,

Your arms hugged me firmly and with love, you collected my tears.

In my sadness, your hand guided me,

in my despair you sustained me.

And so one day you just appeared here, Safe and Majestic,

With a beating heart, you slowly approached me

God, I have no passion or dreams.

You looked at me, patient, with a beloved secret,

The atmosphere was filled with love, love surrounded me,

hugged me, and a recognized feeling I could

touch in my room.


What do you carry in your hands? What are you hiding? “A small heart, from a teenager of mine, that in an outburst of love, surrendered  her heart to me” Isn't it dead, Lord? I have kept it since you gave it to me. Look! I've waited a lifetime searching for that love, Here its everything I have look for! And there was my heart, kept in your hands. ​ Lord, what are you doing with my heart? “You gave it to me, you said it was mine,  And I kept it since then, my hands treasured it well, protected and loved."…where were we the last time we talked? Let me see, praying for Italy I think, or maybe China, Well, now, pray for my glorious Church and my Anointed, OK, Lord, anything else? Yes, that my doctrine be kept pure.


In the traces of the past

Because men were revolved against you
plotting in their heart how to turn their face away from him
Arrogance and blindness led them astray,
And darkness covered his eyes,

They turned against Jehovah, against my dear God.
Not wanting to remember great days
in which His powerful hand delivered them

But you, O God, with your great mercy chose them and your strong arm made a plan to reach them, As the lioness covers her cubs from the storm  you tolerated us in our ignorance You bought us salvation with a price reacher than gold,  being sinners and worðless, nothing You gave Your precious Son to save us, making us heir of God and joint heirs with Christ. ​ But you Nimrod with your Babylonian legacy, you will go down to Sheol by the hand of him who created you, and with you your five worlds will follow you,  Your academic, your finances your dead science, Like snakes behind you they all will crawl, because as death they disappear like dust They were nothing, nor are they  today, nor will they be,  and likes them,  its fruits perish by fire. Like an imaginary castle they will evaporate  even the low and the religious pleasure exposing the serpent and its two heads desire and loss, pleasure and cheating. The pleasure of getting everything and the teeth ready to catch. Who in his satanic perversion It writhes in its nakedness and emptiness. And when man dies his world dies, But the works of God remain forever and are eternal The heavens and its army that follows His voice created them, His hands formed them and The life of his Spirit breathed...

From Calvary to the Throne

Of the rise of Christ we are singing
How He ascended, every step He took, 
how his blood covered his clothes.

He ascended, perhaps, pure, perhaps clean

But here You are in the tomb, sitting my Lord,
Where are your scorned clothes?
where is the blood spilt?

It is that your Spirit has visited the Father And sprinkled the blood that opened the veil? Carrying with him the won captivity. And now he proclaims my name on His list. Look at the blood of the Lamb who cries out for Justice today, The saving blood that continuing will call Until the last of the chosen ones gathered is In the breast of the Father where he will find his place.

Have you seen him whom my soul loves?

I sit here, and you Lord? Are you coming to my living room today?
Waiting patiently I look into the air

and think, I think...

That you are here, and I don't see you,
that your eye guides me and although I don't distinguish it,
guides me to you, to look for you, to think about you,
and think, I think,

that the darkness of this world
They have separated us, yet I desire you and my desire finds you.

Just a second, and here I feel you,
Just a moment and your presence comes to life.

Look I have eyes that others don´t see
Eyes that see what is not seen
That you are here, and you look at me
with a look of love and care.


And I also have a heart, a heart that beats when it perceives you. With those eyes that do not see and see Well you are here and my heart knows it. Like a shield you surround me, soft yet silent, There are not many words between us, The strength of your presence imposes on me. And you sing, yes, you sing, songs of liberation and sweetness With a fragrance of love, kindness mercy. Let me save these songs, for a moment, Look, I record them on my phone and when you're not there, and I am busy with the things of this world in my ear I will hear them and I remember you I remember your visit and your presence, I remember your love and benevolence I remember the strength of your presence that does not allow anything to interrupt us. There are no darts that come to my mind Just you and your presence, you and your love, and now I don't know. If you are here again Christ and My memory is nothing more than the reality of you.

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