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This page  shows the poems and songs that God  in His grace has inspired in the Author's life. They have been a blessing and strength in times of weakness and even joy. They have been written here as a testimony that He is God and has a call for everyone to fulfill what brings a person to the fullness of their existence, the purpose of their life.  May these be blessing and edification for His Church.  

Turquoise Sky
  • My beloved is mine

  • What do I hear?

  • Visitation

  • Triune God

  • Sovereignty

  • Your judgment

Glasses and Music Sheet

Song index.


  • With thanksgiving

  • Christ is near

  • Christ my Savior

  • Just God

  • The fruit of your love

  • The Spirit of God is here

  • The Holy Gosh

  • The Lord Jehovah is my Savior

  • He is the Image of the Invisible God

  • He has given us fire

  • Jesus

  • The beautiful Trinity

  • My soul waits in Jehovah

  • Be you my gem

  • You are worthy

  • You are my Savior

Sheet Music and Guitar

This section is dedicated to the acts that God has done in my life as a testimony that He is great and His mercy lasts forever.

Esta sección está dedicada a los hechos que Dios ha hecho en mi vida como un testimonio de que Él es grande y su misericordia es para siempre.

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