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Golden Candlestick

Jewish Hanukkah Menorah 9 Branch Candlestick. Holiday Candle Holder. Nine-arm candlestick.

Government for the Church

The golden lampstand shows us the Divine Order for the government of the church. (Ex. 25:31-40; 37:17-24). The government of the church has been left in the hands of the Holy Spirit, represented by the pure gold lampstand. Christ said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” The central foot from which all the arms originate speaks of the work of the Spirit that carries out the leadership of Christ. (John 14:18). 


The seven footlights speak of the “seven spirits” or seven expressions of one Spirit (Is. 11:2), which reflect Christ. Romans 12:6-8 gives a representative list of seven ministries that every church needs.

  • a)    The dimensions of the candlestick were not given; Well, a talent of gold was its weight. “One” is significant of God and in the local church he will be as great as we allow him to be.

  • b)    The candellight had a total of sixty parts (including the oil, saucers, snuffers, tongs, and oil vessels). It also had its foot, its central stem, seven arms (counting the foot), twenty-two cups and nine flowers. The number sixty according to the Scriptures represents justice. 

  • The divine government of the church is a model of God's justice in action, carried out by his grace. Sixty is the result of five times twelve, since the number five is representative of grace and twelve, of government. 

  • c)    The twenty-two cups were “like almonds.” Almond trees are the first trees to bloom in the land of Palestine, even in winter, and their bloom is pure and white. No wonder the Hebrew word “almond” means “to watch” or “to be alert.”

  • The cups represent fullness or fullness, and since there are twenty-two of them, we could find the same number of things in the New Testament that show that we are to be filled with power, wisdom, faith, love, knowledge, comfort, etc. These are nothing more than natural fruits of the “first fruits” for God and they are all within the government of God.

  • d)    The nine “apples” can represent the gifts of the Spirit. (I Cor. 12:8-10). An “apple” was an ornament for the upper arm support and the gifts are to establish us in the heavenly kingdom (Rom. 1:11), the Hebrew word means “ornaments” and the gifts serve to adorn the Bride (Gen. 24:53; I Cor. 1:7).

  • e)    The nine “flowers”, expressive of the aroma of Christ, show the importance of the nine fruits in the government of the church. It is interesting to note that following the fruit referred to in Galatians 5:22,23, the context shows us how to cultivate each fruit. For example, Galatians 6:2 teaches us how to cultivate love. 

  • f)    Although made up of several parts, the candellight was all made of one piece of gold. We break the order of church government if we try to build a kingdom for each of us. The ministry is not ours, but the Lord's; we are one with Christ and we are also one body. 

  • g)    Gold was “hammered.” Which speaks of a ministry that needs to be tested before the church officially recognizes it. Take note that there is no wood or human element in it. 

  • h)    The footlights burned only at night. (Ex. 27:20,21; 30:7,8). When the twilight of the millennial age comes, we will have no need for lamps in heaven (Rev. 21:23). They continually needed fresh oil. After Paul says, “You are light in the Lord,” he admonishes them by saying, “Be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:8,18). The early church practiced entire hours of prayer every day.

  • i)    The candellight had snuffers (Ex. 37:23), to trim the wicks, as well as saucers to store the trimmings. Which suggests that in the trials of true ministries God shows his faithfulness in keeping them, since even our tears are in his heavenly vial. (Ps. 56:8). This clipping also shows the importance of discipline in the church. 

  • j)    There were tongs of gold. (Ex. 25:38). If any of the cuttings fell to the ground, no human hand could pick it up. In an analogous way, if anyone tries to manipulate the believer while he is going through the disciplinary test, without using the tongs of God's love, he breaks the Divine Order.

  • k)    There were vessels for the oil. (Num. 4:9). It is necessary that there be prayer meetings and times of praise to draw on God's reserves so that we may be kept with anointing. Without these vessels for the oil, the footlights would soon cease to illuminate. 

  • l)    During the days of the Israelites, the candlestick and utensils were covered with a pale cloth that was placed in a covering of badger skins, placed on stretchers and carried on the shoulders of the Kohathites. The world only sees in us the outer covering of the badger's skin, not the beauty; But how many riches are inside! (II Cor. 4:7; Is. 53:2). The true church often lacks external beauty. “And the principality (government) on his shoulder” and by the stretchers of the Spirit he is carried.  

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