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Spiritual Idolatry

The curse that has brought different punishments to God's people throughout time is the curse of the sin of spiritual idolatry, where men worshipped God in whatever form or fashion suited them. “God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.” Jn. 4:24.

Most people have thought that it doesn't matter how they worship God, as long as they are sincere. But this makes a difference with God, because He has given us His Plan in His Word and any other way is from men and not from God. The Mohammedan world with its teeming millions is as sincere in its worship as are the Christians, and, in fact, every pagan religion has its great multitude of worshippers, all sincere in their worship, but it does not make them acceptable to the great Elohim.
One may say how can Christians be led into spiritual idolatry? We know from the Word of God that they are drawn to idolatry, for I Corinthians 10:14 says, “Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.” John, the apostle of love, ended his first epistle with the warning “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” I Jn. 5:21.


The apostle Paul, when naming the works of the flesh in Galatians 5:20, mentions idolatry as fifth on the list of sins. Again in I Timothy 4:1, Paul continues his warning, “But the Spirit clearly says that in times to come some will depart from the faith, giving heed to spirits of error and doctrines of demons.”

It was this sin of spiritual idolatry that caused Israel to be broken and enslaved by their enemies in Babylon for seventy years. The Spirit revealed to Ezekiel after they were in Babylonian captivity that this was idolatry or a wrong form of worship. The four profanations of God's holy things are named in Ezekiel 8 after the practice of idolatry had been established in the Holy House of God.

There is a progressive revelation of all things in the Bible, beginning with the book of Genesis until Revelation, which is the book that closes the sacred canon of Scripture. This strange fire or cult in the violated and broken divine order and at the same time religious in the natural was never spiritual and began with partial obedience when Cain offered the wrong sacrifice on the accepted form of the altar.



Men have been constantly altering the order of worship and adoration of God, which has always been by his Spirit and according to His Word. Today what does the Lord of Glory, our High Priest, see? Hundreds of divided churches, mainly under the complete control of a few human leaders, composed of a supreme centralized ecclesiastical government ruled by a few men, and each church adhered tightly to some form of intellectual interpretation of spiritual Truth and formed a highly religious system. competitive, many of which fall short of the revelation ordained by God for the New Testament Church through the apostle Paul. 

Truth or tradition.

The spiritual worship of the modern church has too many unscriptural traditions interwoven with biblical Truth such that few Christians can draw a line between the two. The entry of these human traditions into the spiritual cult of worship began with the sons of Adam, Cain and Abel. God had ordained that the Truth should be given to posterity through the elders, also the traditions that are not true came at the same time when the elder Cain worshipped in partial obedience.

The traces of these perversions of Truth are still in the human race, from the Tower of Babel and the ancient and powerful capital of the world, Babylon, to the great city of Rome. In the beginning, God established the Truth in descriptive truths, in the fascinating and extraordinary story of redemption through the sixty-star constellations that make up the solar and lunar Zodiac. In the twelve constellations or celestial figures of prophecy of the solar Zodiac, the first man saw the correct way of life. In the 48 constellations of beautiful groups of stars, known as the Lunar Zodiac, the story of God's first Bible was written.

Then came sin and rebellion against God the Creator and disobedient man, in partial obedience, was deceived by Satan to believe the lie as if it were truth, and his perversion of the Truth, through traditions, caused man to worship everything created: the sun, the moon, the stars and all creation before the Creator; The error became spiritual idolatry, right before the material things of the earth that were idolized.





The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1:25 that the men of the first civilization “changed the Truth into a lie.” In every race and civilization when the currents of unscriptural tradition overtook spiritual Truth, God punished such worshipers with death. Noah's flood exterminated the men of the first civilization, and only Noah, a remnant of the Truth for the God-given Order of Worship, and his family were saved from the waters of death and protected in the ark of God.
As one follows this unknown black current of death and false traditions of worship, one reads in God's Word the record of His ancient people of Israel entering into a spiritual deviation as a nation, accepting pagan forms of worship as an added attraction. On the top of the hills, under the cool shade of the trees, they built their altars as worshipers of Baal and added the worship of Asherah and the forests, whose traditional practice revealed the judgment of God “and I will uproot your forests from within.” among you: and I will destroy your cities.” My Q. 5:14.
These pagan practices of God's people later produced in their national life the four profanations of Ezekiel 8, which was the main cause of God taking away their glory.


These fountains of poisoned waters that destroyed many ancient races, civilizations and all the great cities of ancient times arose abundantly from the tradition of Nimrod, the grandson of Cham. Nimrod proclaimed through tradition that he would be the only virgin-born the world would expect and declared his mother to be the Queen of heaven.
All Eastern philosophies come from the traditions of Nimrod. They all have moral precepts, which direct millions to a false religious security of self-effort and death. Greek literature gave the world an enlightened tradition of perverting truth into images, declaring that their gods came from the star worlds of our solar system. Mars was the god of war and Venus, the morning star, was Lucifer (Satan) for them.


Millions of Muslims bound the traditions to their Quran, as the ancient Jews did to their Talmud. In modern life all mental beliefs practice traditions. Christian Science, so-called, looks at the traditions of Marie Eddie Baker. Adventists observe the traditions of Mrs. White. Mormons have the traditions of Joseph Smith. Roman Catholics have their traditions from the old church. The modern Protestant church has much in the way of traditions of its leaders and intellectual interpretations of spiritual Truths. Millions have their faith by practice in the traditions of their fraternal organizations.




Only the Holy Bible of God, written under the inspiration and anointing of the Holy Spirit, has brought through the centuries, the pure Truth from which man can obtain his divine revelation of the Holy Scriptures for the Divine Order of God in practice. Spiritual ignorance is the normal course in the church today, and a lack of discernment between the Truth of God's Word and the tradition of ungodly leaders is the first cause of the division of the Body of Christ.

Satan has waged battle with God through man, and the flesh is the testing ground and experiment, where religious tradition strives through our Adamic nature to overcome the spiritual Truth that flows from our inner Christian nature.

In this strange struggle of life and death, Satan has been able to establish five of his infernal altars amid our Christian life and has brought them as “forests,” or additional worship attractions, into the various churches of God.
These five altars on which millions of Christians unconsciously worship Satan each year were not found written in our Bible, however, they are transmitted by the ancients only as traditions. Each of these five pagan forms of worship that Christians engage in is deeply rooted in all Christian groups such that church leaders do not dare raise their voices against any of their practices, fearing for their position. and prestige.

These five ancient forms of pagan worship are currently known as All Saints' Day (Halloween), Christmas, New Year's Eve, ancient forms of the pagan celebration of Easter, and lately jewellery on clothing. Let us briefly analyze each of them, remembering that they can be easily found in old demonic cults.
The first is Halloween (All Saints) or Halloween-eve (Holy Vigil), which entered Christianity in the Roman Catholic pre-celebration of its Halloween mass (Holy Mass). This was a celebration of all their human saints made in their churches. The “witches” and “ghosts,” etc., that accompany this practice come from the pagan cult that entered this tradition.
The second of these five traditions is the universal celebration of the Christ Mass, which also entered Christendom in the early days of the Roman church. Each of these five traditions has some connection with the Truth or the Church would never have received them in religious celebrations.


In Christmas celebrations, the birth of our Lord is mainly proclaimed, which gives it a religious atmosphere. However, all biblical archaeologists recovered many records from the ruins of the first century and they all agree that the birth of our Lord was in the month of October and not December. Even the prophetic calculations of the ancient pyramid of Gizeh give the date of Saturday, October 6, the day of Jewish atonement in that year.



The origin of the Christmas tradition dates back to Babel and the date of Nimrod's birth, which is celebrated by many Eastern peoples at this time of year. In addition to the traditions of Nimrod, came a great pagan cult named after the Nicolaitan Greeks, whose high priest was Nicholas. We find this pagan cult, which came out of Babylon, located in Pergamon.
Here their “doctrine” of traditions came like a wedge into the Christian faith, and God cried out against them saying in Revelation 2:6 “But you have this, that you hate the acts of the Nicolaitans; which I also hate”, then in Revelation 2:13 the message of the Spirit to the church of Pergamos, regarding its place, “…Where is the seat of Satan…” and this church changed for a “doctrine”. “So you also have those who have the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which I hate. Repent, otherwise I will come to you quickly and fight against them with the sword of my mouth.” Rev. 2:15, 16.

This was not the first time that God cried out through His prophets against this demonic cult, because 600 years before He had cried out through the voice of the prophet Jeremiah. Jer. 10:1-15. There in Israel's history, church leaders had entered into traditional Baal worship, a form of sun and star worship, “learn not the way of the nations (paganism). For the ordinances (customs) of the people are vanity: for they cut down wood from the mountain….” The silver star placed at the top of the imperishable tree was a veneration of Venus or Lucifer.


The burning of the Yule log was to drive away evil spirits during the orgy. The imperishable tree and the high priest Nicholas, who was made a patron saint and called Saint Nicholas, the provider of happiness, were added to the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus, in the nascent Roman Catholic church and accepted as a tradition by Protestants. Once again the Truth was transformed into a lie and Saint Nicholas received the praise and glory for the happiness and joy of the season in Christ's place and a strange Christmas spirit takes possession of God's people at that time each year.


The traditional New Year celebrations with ostentatious parties, etc., find their main source in the demonic cult of Baal. God's new year near the autumn equinox has been established among his people from Adam to the nation of Israel, and just the ancient Egyptians, using the Dog Star cycle as the basis of their new year calculations, introduced into the new year of the Roman calendar.


The fourth religious tradition that caught the attention of our current church is the celebration of Holy Week or Jewish Passover. At the time of the spring equinox, all pagan towns have their celebrations and many send their children in search of coloured bird eggs, in exchange for a prize. It was also celebrated as the act of the earth putting on its new spring outfit, after dressing itself in new and cheerful clothes. Here we have tradition mixed with Truth, just as in Christmas celebrations, and when the glorious resurrection of our Lord is remembered, we find mixes with pagan traditions.


The fifth custom that springs from a traditional form of worship has reached all of our Christian homes. It is the custom of jewellery. We find the beginning of this tradition in a prophetic ceremonial custom, placed in the clothing of the high priest of the ancient people of Israel. Their jewelled garments spoke prophetically of Christian virtues, and the perfumed anointing oil placed on them as part of the order of worship and adoration of God.
Since then the custom arose of worshipping Baal, the sun, the moon and the stars. Native Christian church leaders from pagan lands who visited America were shocked to see our average American Christian women drawn into demonic cults. In the Hindu cult, the gold earrings are bent like rays of the sun, the rings on the fingers represent the moon and the necklaces and bracelets with golden stars hanging from them are a phase of star worship.

The perfumes on their suits and dresses are a part of their pagan worship. These ornaments identify the person with the world. Queen Jezebel, who made the worship of Baal a state religion in misguided Israel, with her jewelled dress, her painted face and her perfumes, died a violent death, under the judgment of the Word of God.
As the fulfilment of biblical prophecies rapidly proclaims the near advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, they enable each Christian to reexamine our revelation and practice of Truth and cast out dirty tradition. Our Christian heritage rests within the boundaries of the apostle Paul's revelation of scriptural Truth, and without this revelation lies the burden of error from the traditions of legalism in the New Testament Church today.

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