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What world do you live in?

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed (into another world) by the renewing of your mind (spirit)." Here, in Romans 12:2, the apostle Paul exhorts us to leave one world to live in another. He wants us to stop living as part of the carnal material life that surrounds us, and to form our Christian character according to the inner spiritual life.


These verses make us stop and examine ourselves to see what world we live in. At certain times of the year, if you look through a large telescope, you can see a beautiful planet with a ring of small bright moons and satellites revolving around it, which is nothing more than an image of our earth with six bright minor worlds moving in its influence and sphere. The number six is ​​far from perfect, and so are five of these terrestrial inhabited worlds.
When we examine these six satellites around us, we see the first one is beautiful and emits a golden hue. This is the FINANCIAL WORLD and it rocks and wobbles as it comes off the gold standard. This world has the gold standard for everything instead of having God's standard, and within this world, there is another world called the COMMERCIAL. Both attract and deal with the daily work and exslavery of their millions of human souls.


The second world is the WORLD OF PLEASURE, with its brilliant lights this world dazzles the mundanes, and attracts the masses of the earth to its laboratory of minor worlds. Within this world, the SOCIAL world moves with its drinks, dances and games of chance, and the world of CINEMA is also seen here, with its stars, attracting lesser lights as the flame draws the moth.

Thirdly, you see the worthy EDUCATIONAL WORLD, within which the LITERARY and CULTURAL worlds move, in which you see the knowledge of this present world, which is based solely on reason and human senses. In this world, you can find many good men and a multitude of others who are not, as are contemplated by modernists, athletes, infidels, evolutionists, spiritualists and high-level critics wise in their conscience but ignorant of the vision of God.

The FOURTH WORLD is the world of the dark stars, not seen by many, but feared by all. It is the UNDERWORLD, where rebellious souls hide who live without harmony with the laws of man.

The fifth is the religious Babylon of the earth known as the RELIGIOUS WORLD. Here we see religious men worshipping in beautiful masonry temples, with large choirs, in services where the rituals and ceremonies have a form of piety without the power of it, and which appeals to the flesh, which always wants to be religious but never you want to be spiritual. Among those cold formalistic dogmas, the modernists base their faith on the wisdom of man and present it to unregenerate souls, their crosses without Christs and their Christs without crosses. Within this great world of churches, there is now being formed a great mass brotherhood of the unborn again who belong to Protestantism, Judaism, Catholicism, Mohameism and all the mental cults of hell. Among these cold formalist dogmas, modernists base their faith in the wisdom of man. And they present to the unregenerate souls around them, their crosses without Christ, crosses and Christs without crosses. Within your great world of Christendom there is now forming a great brotherhood, the spiritually unborn masses of Protestantism, Judaism, Catholicism, Mohammedanism and all the mental sects of hell!



The last world that now passes through our mental telescope and that we are going to see is the most beautiful of all, and one that will remain for ages after the others have passed. This is the SPIRITUAL WORLD and only those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Son of God, and those who have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life, are gathered there. This is a mysterious world that one possesses because this world possesses one first. Sin reigns over the first five while grace and peace reign over the habitation of God. The others live and move in carnal life and are moulded to the realm of human reason. But this new world is the last creation of our resurrected Lord, and it moves only in the realm of faith. Those who remain in this newly created world are more than conquerors because the head of this new creation is Christ Jesus the recreated God-man, born from above, of a virgin, and with a human-divine spirit, something that no man has ever had. before.
When we stop to examine more closely this strange eternal life in this strange world of grace, we find that each one is a creation of faith, made in return and conformed to the image of the firstborn and Head, Christ Jesus. All these inhabitants of the new creation have the same strange human-divine spirit, which is their dead spirit recreated, by Christ Jesus, the Head, who imparts to us his own Deity and then imputes his own righteousness to this new life, until the creature recreated becomes part of the Creator becomes a part of the Creator, all together forming a body of which He is the Head. This sinless perfection is given to each "new man" or spiritual body, as Christ truly becomes our LIFE, our SANCTIFICATION, our JUSTIFICATION, and our GLORIFICATION, giving each believer a perfect standing before God the Father. “It is Christ in me, the hope of Glory.”
There is such a contrast between the carnal life of the flesh and the spiritual life of the recreated Spirit, that each represents a completely different world. And although it may seem strange to say, every Christian has the life of these two worlds within him, as long as he is alive.


These two worlds are two creations, the old man of which Adam is the head and the new man of which Christ is the head and the life. Through these two lines, we receive an inheritance. “For just as in Adam all die, so in Christ, all will be made alive” 1. Corinthians 15:22. We can see that what we inherited through Adam is not good, because what has been transmitted from father to son through the flesh is Adam's begotten sin, or sinful nature, which dwells in the flesh as long as the physical life is linked with the body. Through those intimate desires and passions of the physical body, every man has a body of death chained to him, and who will overcome him through the love of the things of the world, the weakness of the flesh and the deception of satan, unless may he have the recreated spiritual nature and indwelling life of Christ in him. When Adam sinned, every woman and man died spiritually, and they remain spiritually dead unless they believe that Jesus is the Christ, the SON of GOD. Thus, a bankrupt man, with his carnal appetite depraved for evil things, would be in a desperate state, if God had not offered his own Son as a substitute and atonement for the penalty of sin, which is death. So without Christ, and faith in his atoning work at Calvary, man's own efforts and religious works are a stench in the nostrils of Almighty God. Thus, the man with a good moral life, without Christ in his life, is eternally lost: "But it is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me." So we see that the old life of the flesh is carnal, sold to sin, and always centred on itself, and as all flesh comes from the dust of the earth, being earthly, it must return to the 'dust and the earth, because nothing of this land cursed by sin will enter heaven or the presence of God. What a shock for the worldly Christian, who tries so hard to carry the same old flesh he has so cherished, through the gates of the new Jerusalem. We are going to have a new exterior to live in, because at the time of redemption, when Jesus returns, we will be clothed with new glorified material bodies, which will resemble these old bodies of flesh, but perfect.

But we rise above the defeats of the old creation through the power of the endless life of Christ, our head, in the new creation. This "inner man" or spiritual man, although not seen by natural eyes, is as real to God as material things are to us: We look through the veil of the carnal mind, but God sees us with eyes of faith. , the same eyes of faith that saw Christ offered as the spotless Lamb, long before the earth was made. From that distant prehistoric view, He also saw every man or woman who would receive the salvation provided through faith in His offered Son, and writing our names then, we became the chosen and predestinated group of saints in Christ God saw our inner man or new spiritual man, also seated in the heavens where grace rules and reigns supreme. He saw this new man of the new creation of faith modelled in the same image of Christ, in true holiness and faith.



God saw Christ, the firstborn who inherited all things, sharing as co-heirs and fallen brothers, even with the least of the saints, all his glories and powers. Just as the father formed and made a special body of flesh for his son to live in, so he has formed and made a special spiritual body for his son, and from that body will come another body, the Wife of his Son. Our position is secure in Christ because of this new "inner man" recreated by the indwelling human-divine spirit of Jesus Christ. This inner man is sinless and cannot sin, and Jon the apostle presents this truth in 1. John3:9  „  Whoever is born of God (the spiritual man), does not practice sin, because the seed of God remains in he; and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.“



That we as Sons of God may take our rightful place as heirs with Christ, and not live as babes or children, let us consider ourselves or our carnal natures as dead crucified with Christ, dead and buried with Him, and continue to maintain this carnal nature where sin dwells, in the state of death, continually considering ourselves dead to sin but alive to Christ, and then nourishing ourselves with the Gospel of Paul, which is the only one that can give us freedom and spiritual strength, allows us to grow from the state of childhood to the state of maturity, where the life of Christ is completely formed and molded in the testimony of our life. Every saint, even from the lowest rank to the highest, must boldly come into the presence of God KNOWING that our position is impeccable and perfect in the "inner" or spiritual man, and this will help us to KNOW that dominion or Satan's authority over us has been destroyed by our blessed bearer of sin and disease, Jesus. We must not allow the flesh to rule over us in sin because doubt about sin and sickness is cancelled, it is a debt paid, and Satan cannot place defeats on us unless we allow him to, by not KNOWING our identification with Christ in the reality of the new creation.


To overcome this sinful nature begotten of Adam, God has given us the divine-human Spirit of His Son to dwell in our hearts by faith until the day of redemption, and He goes one step further, also providing for every believer His Holy Spirit poured out to deepen and strengthen the grip of the inner man, in our lives. Although our STANDING is the SAME among all saints, there are seven RANKS prominent in spiritual growth, as revealed in Paul's letters to the seven churches, and seen years later in John's message to his seven Asian churches. Let us remember that we are "kings and priests" for God. The "King" relationship speaks of earthly rule over our flesh and carnal nature, while the "Priest" speaks of heavenly communion and communion with God, through our sinless nature.




But some wonder what happens to the worldly sinful Christian who is "led by the flesh and not by the Spirit." In the days of the apostle Paul (which is our dispensational era), some asked if one could not immerse oneself in sin, to make grace abound more. As we said earlier, the flesh with its sinful nature of Adam is governed and reigned by SIN, while the perfect sinless nature of Christ, our inner man, is governed and reigns in grace. The self that lives in the ascendancy of the worldly baby in Christ, is centred in the flesh, and belongs to the nature of Adam and all things that are governed by the earthly nature are brought under the laws of the universal matter of the universe and a prominent law of those is  “whatever a man sows he will (nothing less) also reap.”
God's law of retribution never fails to judge the sinful carnal nature with natural laws such as illnesses, sufferings etc. The apostle Paul makes it very clear in 1. Corinthians 11:31 when speaking to the sinning saints of Corinthians,  „If therefore we examine ourselves (putting ourselves on the seat of judge and repenting before the High Priest), we will not we would be judged (With a premature death). “ So let's be careful in which world we live in or rather what world we allow to govern order our lives. Likewise, the apostle teaches the Gentiles that we must distinguish between two natures of two creations or worlds within us, and shows in Romans 7:25 WHERE SIN Dwells, “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, I with the mind (The recreated or inner spirit) serve the law (Will) of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.“



The mystery of Paul's revelation shows how the middle wall of separation (the ever-present Adamic nature) will be eternally torn down by Christ and the "body of death" discarded, at the glorification of Christ when He returns for His saints and our bodies. Corruptible physical bodies or clay temples will be recreated in glorified bodies, and mansions to live in, from the presence of sin forever. So let us take our rightful place of victory, in the new creation of the world, and rule and reign with Christ now, over every test and trial of our faith, until we grow into the complete statue of the perfect man.

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