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He Himself took our Infirmities

Robert Ewing

We have been taught from our modernist pulpits that the atoning work of Christ, at Calvary, was solely for spiritual liberation, from the power and guilt of sin and sata. But the apostle Matthew who lived with Jesus, and should be an authority on the subject, includes PHYSICAL HEALING, as he interprets Isaiah 53:5 in his gospel letter. In Matthew 8:17 he writes, “He himself took our infirmities and carried our diseases.”


Even King David understood that this completed work in the atonement included the physical healing of the body, writing in Psalm 103:3 “Who forgives all your iniquities; “Who HEALS ALL YOUR DISEASES” Yes, this shows that the issue of sickness is resolved forever, just as the issue of sin is resolved, because Jesus, the Lamb of God, became sin and disease for us, acting as our Substitute. .

God the Father put upon him all the sin and all the diseases of the human race, so that Satan's dominion or authority over us who believe may be broken. Satan gained this dominion or authority over us, through the innate sin of Adam, but praise God, Jesus came to set the captive free. So, when we as Christians suffer physical suffering, it is because we do not understand that Jesus already carried that same suffering in his body for us, and that we continue to suffer physical defeat is the work of Satan to place suffering in our bodies. , to defeat us spiritually and hinder our Christian career.

Let's look at Luke 13:11-17 to better understand these "Works of the Devil." It says, "And behold, there was a woman who had an (evil) spirit of infirmity EIGHTEEN YEARS, and she was bowed down, and could not rise up at all. And when Jesus saw her, he said, Woman, YOU ARE RELEASED FROM YOUR ILLNESS," (She didn't realize, like you, that Christ's Word had set her free, so He strengthens her faith), "And he laid his hands on her, and immediately she was upright and glorified God."

Now if this woman had been doubled over for 18 years, had lived to this day, her friends would have called a specialist, who would have declared her case hopeless with arthritis, but Jesus said she had an EVIL SPIRIT OF ILLNESS, or a case of demonic possession.


Jesus came to destroy the “works of the devil” and gives us the fullness of the Holy Spirit, so that we may have courage and strength through the holy Word, so that, in the name of Jesus, we can destroy the works of the devil. Satan sends these sick demons into the bodies of weak and unfaithful believers, to torment and afflict them, when we realize that Jesus came and destroyed the power of Satan over all who believe in the Word and that Satan no longer has dominion nor authority. to impose these physical afflictions upon us, who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, then we will begin to EXPERIENCE the full inheritance in Christ, which He PROVIDED for us on the cross. You have been taught and BELIEVE that Satan has no power over your spiritual life to turn you into a thief, a liar, or a drunk.





Your FAITH in this matter protects you and you live a victorious Christian life because you BELIEVE that Jesus has given you the grace to live above the power of sin.

Why can't you BELIEVE just as strongly in the atoning work of Christ, to protect and keep you healthy and free from Satan's power over your physical body?

God wants the best for us, and IT IS HIS WILL that you be completely healed, otherwise He would not have put you in the atonement. How sad it must be for Him to look at the mighty body of Christ on earth and see Satan! In order to fill it with diseases and afflictions, and realize that the church has so little faith, caused by erroneous teachings, Jesus does want us to live victoriously in spirit and body so that the unbeliever can see that he has broken Satan's dominion over others. we. Jesus strove to convey this amazing truth to his disciples when he SAID:
"Behold, I give you power over all enemies.and nothing will harm you.”

A sick man is like a hungry man who has a certified check for a thousand dollars in his pocket and does not know how to use it. We have the Word of God and when we believe the Word, faith comes in and holds fast to the promise of Almighty God until the promise is realized in the substance of our need. The true faith of God is so sure that the Word does not fail, that it rests on the promise while waiting for the material response.

However, the atonement says. „By his stripes, you are healed“ The word says, believer, you are healed now, can you believe the word regardless of what you feel? The apostle Paul knew that physical healing was in the atonement and that is why he prayed for the sick in Ephesus, and the devil was cast out. This great apostle prayed for your healing in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 when he prayed: "And I pray to God that your whole spirit, soul and BODY may be preserved blameless until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
So, dear suffering friend, if you have prayed and prayed and are still suffering and afflicted until your prayers have become a mockery of your wavering faith, and others have prayed for you without result, let us stop now and examine your FAITH, to see WHERE IT IS BASED.






We all know that Divine FAITH is like love, a POSITIVE LAW of God, and being the WILL of God in motion, it never fails. This positive FAITH acts entirely on "What the Lord says." This Christ-centered faith is always BASED ON THE WORD and lives and moves where God is, in the KINGDOM OF FAITH. But Satan has imitated the race, and all our universities and schools teach it. It is HUMAN MENTAL FAITH based solely and scientifically on what is revealed to us through our SIGHT, HEARING, TOUCH, TASTE and SPEECH, or our six human senses. This human mental faith is of the flesh and lives and prospers only within the KINGDOM OF REASON. Therefore, many of those who pray for the sick, and whose PROFESSION is very far from their POSSESSION, have been trained to use MENTAL FAITH, thinking it is DIVINE FAITH.

So when you are prayed for and the six human senses do not testify that you are suddenly healed, then that man-made form of faith instantly turns into NEGATIVE FAITH and BELIEVES that you are still sick. This negative faith hurts you and makes it harder to grasp the WORD. So do not base your faith on REASON but on the Holy Word of God.

"He took (past tense) our sicknesses-" He already took them, and God the Father put your very sickness on Jesus on the cross, and you do NOT have to bear it NOW.


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