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The key to joy in our soul

Robert Ewing


The keychain to receive joy in every part of our soul. Those who know the system of the soul, it shows us 7 parts that are 7 points with extra points, the text is in Psalm 100.

The first is about the heart. The heart is the throne of the soul, it is also like a treasure box, everything that is important and priorities is  in it. How can we have joy in him? This work is done in the King James.


  1. Make a happy sound to Jehovah, happy or joyful, which comes from the Hebrew word Rua. When one reads this word it sometimes has a positive or negative connotation, in this case it is positive, in Joshua 6: 1-27 we have the story of the battle of Jericho, the practical thing to have joy is confession, in the story of Joshua there was opposition from the parate of Jericho, but they had understanding from God that they had to circulate around the city and at one point they had to shout. They were without shield and without swords, only trusting in the word of Jehovah, the victory came on the seventh day, the trumpets sounded and they shouted a joyous cry. “Shout because the Lord has given you the city.” The key in this verse is that like the Israelites, we walk believing, and at the right moment we have to use our hearts to shout God's victory. When we want to feel healing, we feel really sick, but when we have the trumpets and confess the healing that God has spoken (confess means = say the same thing), then we will enter into that promise and the feeling of joy will come later.  ; If we depend on our feelings or our circumstances, we can feel deceived, especially when we seek healing, because our senses reveal to us the symptoms of our illness, on the other hand we can trust what God has said, repeat what he has said, until let us receive healing from him.

  1. The five senses of the soul. Reason, memory, imagination, consciousness and affections. They are considered the way we communicate with the world, these are also the powers of communication.

Psalm 100: 1-2 Serve the Lord with joy, serving can sometimes be hard work, something that costs a lot. The Lord has created us for good works, and when we serve Him with joy we will be able to experience much joy. And when we work doing the work of the Lord, the world will see how we work, it will give them a message of life, which will be like a magnet, because for the world this will be practical for you to live. Prov. 12:20. Isaiah 55: 12, with joy you will go out and with joy you will return, with our communication, if we allow our imagination, affection, etc. Rejoice, it will be communicated to the world.


  1. The four laws,

    1. the law of faith,

    2. of the mind and

    3. of the spirit of life in Christ.

    4. And the fourth is the law of sin and death.


All these laws put our life in one direction, by the spirit of God we need these laws to work in harmony. Salt100. When we sing we need harmony, if we don't there is a lack of harmony, this happens when the law of sin and death has more space, when we sing to our God with joy, we are going to destroy the law of sin and death as dead in our life. And the light of the spirit of life in Christ and the light of life in Christ with the presence of God shining and backed by the faith that is trusting in God, will cover our mind and will bring harmony in these four laws and our soul we will be edified.

  1. Psalm 100:3; This is related to our seven longings of the soul, there is a message with the Gospel of Saint John, where we see the 7 I am, and they are related to the longings.

    1. The first I am the bread of life, and goes with the desire for preservation,

    2. The second is I am the light of the world, and corresponds to the desire for expression,

    3. The third I am the door, and corresponds to the desire for security,

    4. The fourth is I am a good shepherd and is in line with the desire for loyalty.

    5. The fifth is I am the resurrection and the life, and corresponds to the desire for control or authority,

    6. The following is in three parts: I am the way, the truth and the life, this is related to the desire for knowledge, what is learned through books, by experience and by revelation, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

    7. The seventh is I give the vine, and it corresponds with the longing for acceptance, as the psalm says: recognizing that he is God. When understanding the compound name of Jehovah or Jesus, it affects our mind or our soul, we need to know that our life is in the hands of God. That is why man does not live by bread alone, but also by the word of God. We need our soul's desires to go through death, resurrection and life since we emerge from a dead nature.


   The directive faculty that includes our intellect, our will and our emotions. And the secret of receiving joy is seeing the sovereignty of God.

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